What is Stylophane Social Media Analytics?


Helps you stay current on competitors social media posting tactics, tools, and trends.
Used by digital agencies, marketers and business owners.

Easy-to-use platform - Start for free!

  • Why use it? - To see the TOP #1 COMPANIES on social media, and see which posting tactics helped (Example: photo layouts, plug-ins, promotions, contests, etc.). Then adopt those tactics into your brands’ posting calendar to help increase your social media engagement and ROI. The more you know about your audience and competitors and what they like, the more you’ll be able to give them content they desire.

  • What can you do with it? - Analyze competitors social media data with your brand. - View your brand and competitors social media top posts and data ranking (Example: sort by engagement, followers, new followers, etc). - Create your own list of brands to track.

  • Which industries does it track? - Tracks social media data metrics from 7,000+ Fashion and Beauty brands. - NEW! Tracks Home Decor, Banks and Pharma industries.
    Add an industry? Contact us.

  • Who uses it? - Used by 2,000+ digital agencies, marketers and business owners in the fashion, beauty, banks and pharma industries.

  • Which social media platforms are tracked? - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.

  • Which companies use it?


"Stylophane Analytics is purpose-built for getting us the exact competitive info we need quickly, and without hassle.
It’s clear the platform was built alongside its users."
Sean Robbins - Saucony, Director of Digital Marketing

Learn more about Stylophane Social Media Analytics - Visit: http://analytics.stylophane.com

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What can you do with Stylophane Analytics?


Use these 4 tools:

  1. Social Media Index - Measure competitors social Media rankings. Find the #1 companies with the Most Engaged ‘Photo Likes’, Most Followers, Most New Followers, etc. You can search by industry categories: Fashion, Beauty, Home Decor, Banks and Pharma.

  2. My Brands - Create your own ‘custom list’ of just brands that matter to you! Example: Competitors brands, etc.

  3. Post Analysis - See the TOP #1 POSTS on social media. See exactly which tactics helped (photo layouts, plug-ins, promotions, contests, etc.), then adopt those tactics into your posting calendar to help increase your brand’s engagement.

  4. Competitive Analysis - Compares your brand's 25 closest competitors based on brands with closest number of Likes/Followers.


Example Data

Fashion Top 500 Engaged Brands on Instagram - March 2019

BEAUTY    |    DENIM    |    FASHION    |    FOOTWEAR    |    INFLUENCERS    |    INTIMATES    |    JEWELRY    |    LUXURY    |    RETAILERS    |    SWIMWEAR


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